What Size Should A Musical Theatre Headshot Be

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Auditioning for Penn State’s Musical Theatre program is a two-step process: Step 1: All students interested in auditioning for the Musical Theatre B.F.A. must submit the following via digital upload HERE. – Headshot/Photo – Resume Video Requirements:.

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Your resume should be one page and your head shot should be attached and look professional. That is the first thing a producer/director sees. Make a good impression. If you’re not sure your resume or head shots are correct – do your homework and research it. Prepare your music. No large books. Remember – it should be only 16 measures.

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It shows the connections between shows throughout musical theatre history – when choosing audition material: what other shows did these creators work on? I would recommend getting a large size because I guarantee you will want to read the text.

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HOW TO WRITE A MUSICAL THEATRE RESUME. Home; About; Work With Molly. Camera Confidence Course;. you may not know how to write musical theatre resume, and it can seem completely overwhelming. So often, young performers feel they have nothing to put on a resume… this is NOT TRUE!. you’ll need to cut it to 8×10 inches so that it is the.

At least one selection should be from the pre-1980s Broadway repertoire. A Contemporary monologue — no longer than one-minute in length — that must be chosen from a published play by an established playwright. All musical theatre candidates will participate in a dance call.

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Your standard headshot is eight inches by ten inches. And since it gets attached to the back, your resumé should also be that size. Professional credits go first. Then come your educational credits, and then your community theatre credits. As you gain more experience, start to eliminate the amateur credits. K.I.S.S.

Even in the theater world, it’s best to use a professional email, such as your full name in email form. Actors have two additional space limitations. It’s common practice to staple the resume to the back of an 8×10 headshot. If you have an agent, you’ll also need to leave room at the top for the agent’s letterhead.

Please note that headshots are 8×10 photographs, but standard sized paper is 8½x11. You will need to specify that the document size is 8×10 when you create it. FONT: Use a standard font for the main text of your resume (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, Georgia). Text size should be 10-12 points.

Musical Theatre Apprentice (MTA) applicants should also include a headshot and a YouTube link with the following: a contemporary comedic monologue and two musical selections (a ballad and an up-tempo) from the contemporary musical theatre canon.

Mar 25, 2009  · "Okay, so your actor’s headshot should be a particular standard size that most people in the industry use – 8 x 10 inches in size. However, sometimes with movie extra work, the casting associate or extras casting agency will just require a 3” x.

*Printed Headshot Guidelines: – Bring 10 printed headshots with you to your audition slot. – Headshots should be a photograph, 8×10 in size. Photocopying on 8.5×11 paper is accepted, please make sure your headshot and resume are printed on the same piece of paper -.

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Musical theatre resumes are often seen as some kind of enchanted item of lore, but really, they’re no different from any other resume – if you want a job, you’ll need to send off a good resume and if you’re planning on auditioning for musical theatre, you’ll need one that really stands out from the crowd. 99% of the time, that resume and headshot will be the only opportunity you get.

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How to Write a Theater Resume. When seeking any type of job, an employer will ask for a resume. A resume is a history of your education, employment, and skills. Creating a resume for acting or other types of theater work is really not that.

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A current résumé and headshot are required. size or age. Please do not contact the production staff to schedule an appointment. Actors who cannot access the website should call 720-898-7200 to schedule an audition time. or adaptation to be considered for inclusion in upcoming musical theatre seasons. Submissions should be complete.

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FAQ for Goodman Theatre’s Musical Theater Initiative 2017 What is the “Musical Theater Intensive” program? Goodman Theatre’s new Summer Musical Theater Intensive is a program that provides pre-

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Tyrah: "For a musical theatre audition you should bring your song book and your headshot stapled to your resume (back to back). If it is a dance audition, make sure to wear comfortable clothes and bring the right dance shoes (jazz, ballet, etc.)."

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You’ll want to bring your composite card (an 8” x 11.5” page with your headshot on the front and several smaller photographs,

Explore Jami Crane’s board "Headshot Examples" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Head shots, Actor headshots and Headshot ideas. headshots, theater production and more. Musical Theatre Auditions Audition Songs Oliver Twist Music Sing Theatres Musicals Soundtrack Broadway Mezzo Soprano

It shows the connections between shows throughout musical theatre history – when choosing audition material: what other shows did these creators work on? I would recommend getting a large size because I guarantee you will want to read the text.

Musical theatre headshots session are definitely some of my favorites! Stage actors have such an easy time in front of a camera that great images are all but guaranteed! I recently had the opportunity to work with Devon for a new headshot.

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whether you’re trying to audition for film or theater, your resume is your other piece of vital statistics that goes to the back of your photograph. the size of the headshot is 8”x10” but the standard letter size is 8.5”x11”. to hand out both, it’s neater if they’re the same size…

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